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            塑料粉碎機的維護內容及方法 1. 擋簾 Check apron 觀察檔簾是否有更替的必要,視情況自行判定。避免造成回收料污染。 Observe whether the check apron needs to be replaced and determine according to specific situations. Avoid recycled material pollution. 2. 安全裝置 Safety equipment 1)啟動粉碎機 Turn on the granulator 2)松動安全開關的星形把手,直至安全開關完全分離 Loosen the star shaped handle of the safety switch until it completely falls apart 3)如粉碎機及時停機,說明安全裝置功能正常。 If the granulator stopped promptly, then the safety equipment functions properly. 注:如果安全開關分離后機器未能停機,請立刻手動停機(斷掉主電源)并聯系設備負責人。 Note: if it fails to shut down the machine by separating the safety switch, immediately perform manual shutdown (cut off the main power supply) and contact the person in charge. 3. 電器元件 Electric components 參照電器件連接部分,檢查電器件所有線路是否松動脫落或損壞,有資格的工程人員可進行檢查維修。 Refer to the electric Component Connection section, check all the circuit of electric components for loss or damage, qualified engineers can conduct inspection and maintenance. 4. 潤滑 Lubrication 所有軸承均是終身免潤滑的,不必加潤滑油脂 All bearings are free of lubrication for lifetime, lubricating grease is not necessary. 5. 傳送帶 Conveyor belt 如果是帶有傳送帶裝置的設備,For equipment with conveyor belt 1)請檢查傳送帶的方向是否正確 check if the direction of the conveyor belt is correct 2)檢查輸送帶運動的直線度,如果皮帶在運動過程中是傾斜的,先停止運轉 如下圖,打開端部蓋板,調整調節螺絲C約1/4圈,再開機運轉檢查皮帶的直線性,反復調節直到皮帶運動的直線度滿足要求不再傾斜。 Check the linear of belt movement, if it is oblique, then stop the equipment as shown in the following picture, repeat adjustment until the belt movement meet the requirements. 注:皮帶的直線性公差在1%,調節螺絲的扭力不能超過5N.M Note: the linear tolerance of belt is 1%, the torque force of regulating screw should not exceed 5N.M 6. 清潔 Cleaning 1)對于使用過程中粉塵容易產生情況下的清潔,每天或至少每周需要清潔一次,軸承部分每天都需要用吸塵器清潔粉塵; In case that dust is easy to be generated in use, it needs to be cleaned every day or at least once a week, the bearing part needs to be cleaned with vacuum cleaner every day. 2)對于正常情況情況下的使用,每300小時需要需要清掃一次,軸承部分每周需要用吸塵器清潔一次。 For normal use, it needs to be cleaned every 300 hours, the bearing part needs to be cleaned with vacuum cleaner every week. 3)軸承處的清理:見下圖,用洗塵器進風管口對準排屑槽,旋轉轉子幾圈即可。 Cleaning the bearing part: as shown below, face the inlet nozzle of vacuum to the chip removal groove, spin the rotor for a few circles. 注:軸承處粉塵的清理非常重要,雖然奧為有充分的防塵結構,但難免有少量粉塵進入,在高溫下容易造成軸承的損壞。 Note: Cleaning the dust in the bearing part is very important, although Aowei has complete dust-proof structure, but it is inevitable that a small amount of dust entering, which may cause damages to the bearing at high temperature. 7. 塑料粉碎機的動定刀 Rotating and fixed blades 1)切削室的所有動定刀螺絲螺母均帶螺紋緊固劑,在任何情況下均不能私自松動、加固、更換。 All the screw nuts of rotating and fixed blades in the cutting chamber are equipped with threaded fastening agent, it cannot be loosened, reinforced or replaced without permission under any circumstances. 2)動定刀間隙要定期檢查,正確的間隙應該在0.15-0.25; 切忌使用刃口鈍化的刀片,這樣不緊造成機器的磨損,也造成能耗的損耗,也不能得到高品質的回收塑料粒子,動刀片要根據情況及時更換,定刀也要根據情況及時修磨或更換。 The gap between rotating and fixed blades should be regularly checked, proper gap should be 0.15-0.25. Do not use blades with passivated cutting edge, it will not only cause abrasion and loss of energy, but also make it hard to get high quality recycled plastic particles, rotating blades should be replaced according to the situation, fixed blades should be repaired or replaced as needed. 3)在更換刀片的情況下,所有螺絲必須廢棄掉,必須更換新的12.9級高強度螺絲,所有墊片,動定刀壓塊必須使用奧為生產或認可的部件。 When replacing blades, all the screws should be abandoned and replaced by 12.9 grade High-strength screws, all pads and briquetting of rotating and fixed blades should use parts produced or approved by Aowei. 處理刀片的時候需要小心,它們很鋒利,可能造成人身傷害。更換刀片的時候請戴上防護手套,以免割傷手指或手。 Be careful when dealing with the blades, they are sharp and may cause personal injury. Wear protective gloves when replacing blades so that they won’t cut your fingers or hands. 4)轉子本身容易轉動,在更換刀片時候必須有木頭塊放置在切削中防止轉子轉動。 Rotator can be easily rotated, when replacing blades, place wood blocks in the cutting chamber to prevent the rotator from moving. 8. 驅動皮帶 Driving belt 1)手動旋轉皮帶輪幾圈,檢查皮帶是否有裂口縫隙或邊緣磨損,齒牙是否有破裂 Manually rotate the belt pulley for a few times to check whether there are cracks, gaps or edge abrasion on the belt, whether there are cracks on the teeth 2)在更換皮帶或皮帶輪的時候,務必調整皮帶輪與電機驅動輪的平行度,保持皮帶張力適中,皮帶張力大小根據皮帶規格有關。檢測皮帶張力可使用張力計測定。 When replacing the belt or belt pulley, adjust the depth of parallelism between the belt pulley and the driving wheel to ensure that the belt tension is moderate, the belt tension is relevant to the belt specification. Tensiometer can be used to measure the belt tension. 9. 常見異常解決 Resolutions for commonly occurred abnormalities 問題描述 Problem description 可能的原因 Possible causes 解決辦法 Solutions 粉碎機或任何可選附件不能正常開啟 Abnormal startup of granulator or other optional parts 急停開關未復位 Emergency stop switch fails to reset 將急停開關復位,按下急停開關,讓急停開關彈起 Reset the emergency stop switch, press the emergency stop switch and allow it to bounce 粉碎機或選用附件未連接到主電源 Granulator or optional parts are not connected to the main power source 參見電器件的連接部分 Refer to the electrical equipment connection section 粉碎機電機的過載保護已跳起, The overload protection of granulator bounces, 或者: Or: 風機(可選)的過載保護跳起,或者: The overload protection of fan (optional) bounces, or: 傳送帶(可選)的過載保護已跳起 The overload protection of conveyor belt (optional) bounces 重新復位所有熱繼的過載保護,并且在開機前: Rest all the overload protection, and do before startup: 清理切削室及料倉風機部分 1) Clean cutting chamber and feed bin fan 調整皮帶張力 2) Adjust the belt tension 調整動定刀間隙 3) Adjust the gaps between rotating blades 篩網架/料筒部分的安全開關未能鎖緊 Safety switches of screen frame/charging barrel are not tightly screwed 打開料筒及篩網架檢查所有星型把手及安全開關是否安裝到位并鎖緊 Open the charging barrel and screen frame to check if all the star-shaped handle and safety switches are correctly installed and locked 料位(可選)開關跳掉或者料位開關線路松掉 Material level (optional) switch jumps out or level switch line is loose 檢查料倉料位或者: 連接料位電源線 check the material level in feed bin or connect the level power line 轉子依然轉動當料筒打開后 Rotator still operates after opening the charging barrel 皮帶變形或皮帶張力不正確;或者: 安全開關不能正常工作 Belt deformation or the belt tension is incorrect; or: Safety switch is not working 更換皮帶或者調整皮帶張力,或者: 檢查安全開關功能 Replace belt or adjust belt tension, or: Check the function of safety switch 粉碎機或可選附件仍然不能工作在上述檢查后 Granulator or optional parts do not work after the above inspection 停機 聯系銷售代理辦 或聯系奧為總部 1) Switch off 2)Press the emergency stop switch 3)contact sales agent 4)or contact the headquarter of Aowei

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